Tom Collins - The Cocktail Named after a Prank

Tom Collins - The Cocktail Named after a Prank

Think back to those glorious summer times. When you and a bunch of your friends would put on some music, have a few drinks, and enjoy the golden sun.

Chances are, the drink that comes to mind for times like this is the Tom Collins, one of the most simple yet arguably one of the most classic gin-based cocktails. A staple in most, if not all social occasions, this classic cocktail has stood the test of time with its refreshing taste, flexibility when mixing, and simplicity. 

The Origin of the Tom Collins Cocktail

If you were asked to name the origin of Tom Collins, you’ll be forgiven for assuming that a wealthy godfather or high-rolling actor back in the day was responsible for this cocktail’s creation.

The true origin of this drink is much less glamorous than its current reputation would have you believe. 

Rewinding back to 1874, a time before technology and social media, a mischievous prank spread like wildfire across New York. A prank that would unknowingly pave the way to the Tom Collins cocktail we know and love today. 

Denizens of New York at the time would pass a message to their friends, telling them that a man named “Tom Collins” was spewing slanders against them.

Enraged and filled with adrenaline, gullible individuals would storm to the bar where Tom Collins supposedly enjoys his free time - only to find out that no such man even exists.

Due to the less sophisticated forms of media at the time, fake news of the slanderous Tom Collins circulated the press in no time. 

It wasn’t until 1876 when Jerry Thomas, the father of cocktails and mixology himself, created a refreshing blend made with Old Tom gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and seltzer. 

Jerry Thomas called this drink the Tom Collins, and smartly let the notoriety of the name do all the marketing for him. 

As expected, the cocktail took off, and in no time became the single fanciest and most desired drink in New York. Sought after by the city’s high-society crowd.

Blend it yourself

The Tom Collins can be made by almost anyone in under a minute. This cocktail mixes 20ml of syrup 20ml of lemon juice, and 60ml of gin - mixed together and served in a glass full of ice, finished off with an ounce of soda water and garnished with a lemon peel and cherry. 

Our Tom Collins Collection

When looking to further our line of cocktail-themed clothing, we knew we needed to incorporate a bonafide, timeless classic. And what better drink to choose than the devilish Tom Collins himself. 

Our Tom Collins collection embodies the idea that simplicity is beauty. Despite having one of the most simple recipes, and an origin that would be regarded as a “meme” in today’s age, this drink was able to elevate itself to monumental heights. 

And we want you to do the same!