5 variations of the Negroni you need to try in 2024

If you enjoy the classic negroni cocktail, 2024 will be a delight for you! The negroni is a classic cocktail that has been enjoyed for decades, and mixologists have developed some incredibly inventive variations on the original over time. The following five Negroni variations are ones you should try in 2024.

But let's start with the classic recipe: 


3cl Gin

3cl Campari

3cl Sweet vermouth

Served on ice with an orange slice 

1. The White Negroni 

3cl Gin

3cl Suze (a French aperitif produced from gentian root)

3cl Cocchi Americano (a quinine-flavored aperitif wine),

Served on ice with an orange slice.

The outcome is a cocktail that is slightly bitter and herbaceous and is ideal for individuals who want their beverages to be on the dry side.

2. The Negroni Sbagliato:

A bartender in Milan made a mistake that led to the creation of this delectable version. The bartender unintentionally used prosecco in place of gin to make a delicious and bubbly negroni that is ideal for aperitivo hour. And not to forget the famous quote “a negroni, with prosecco in it – Oh stunning!”

3cl Campari

3cl Sweet Vermouth

6cl Prosecco

Served on ice with an orange slice

3. The Mezcal Negroni:

Try replacing the gin in the Negroni with Mezcal for a rich and smoky variation. The bitter flavors of the Campari and the sweet vermouth go incredibly well with the rich, earthy flavors of the mezcal.

3cl Mezcal

3cl Campari

3cl Sweet Vermouth

Served on ice with an orange slice

4. The Spiced Negroni:

Add some winter spices to your negroni to give it a warm and inviting flavor. Consider infusing the gin with cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel or finishing the cocktail with a splash of spiced syrup.

See our variation of a Spiced Negroni HERE

5. The Boulevardier

Can be made by substituting bourbon for the gin. This kind has a smooth, silky flavor that is ideal for drinking on a chilly winter evening. Erskine Gwynne, a Vanderbilt family member and the creator of the Boulevardier magazine in Paris, came up with the idea for the Boulevardier in the 1920s.

3cl Bourbon

3cl Campari

3cl Sweet Vemouth

Served on ice with an orange slice

Regardless of the negroni variation you decide to taste, you're guaranteed to love this classic drink in all of its varieties. So why not experiment with a few of these delectable variants to determine which one you like best? Salute!

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