How to make the perfect Espresso Martini!

So you want to make the perfect Espresso Martini? Look no further!

Besides being truly delicious, this drink is the perfect way to get a small boost of energy on your night out, or in. In fact, the Espresso Martini is believed to have been invented in the 1980s by the late bartender Dick Bradsell in London. The story goes that a model asked for a drink that would "wake me up, and then f*** me up," and Bradsell combined fresh espresso, vodka, and sugar to create the now-iconic cocktail. In recent years, the Espresso Martini has become a popular choice among coffee and cocktail enthusiasts, making its mark on modern cocktail culture.

Enough said, let’s make you the best Espresso Martini you’ve ever tasted!

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Espresso Martini Recipe

Espresso Martini Recipe:

  • 40ml vodka
  • 20ml Kahlua (or preferred coffee liqueur)
  • 10ml sugar syrup*
  • 50 ml espresso coffee / 1 double espresso
  • Ice


  1. Put your martini glasses in the freezer. An espresso martini is best served in a classy cold glass.
  2. Grab your shaker and mix and mix all the ingredients, add a lot of ice. Keep shaking until the surface of the shaker turns cold.
  3. Almost done! Just strain your drink into your martini glasses, and if you want to give it a nice touch – garnish with a few coffee beans. Voilà – enjoy!

Sugar Syrup:

  • 1 part caster sugar
  • 1 part water

Heat slowly until sugar dissolved. Cool down. Store in a bottle with lid and keep it in the fridge, it will last for a couple of months. Check out our Espresso Martini collection here